PACT Partnerships


PACT links up with various groups working to address human/child trafficking and to promote and protect the human rights of children as enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

PACT partners with government agencies, international, national and local NGOs, people’s organizations, school-based organizations, and faith-based groups. Several PACT areas are also representative of children’s NGOs in local councils against trafficking or the Municipal/City/Provincial Inter Agency Council Against Trafficking.

PACT is also member of the NGO Coalition on the UNCRC, the Council for the Welfare of Children’s Sub-Committee on Sexual Abuse and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (SC-SACSEC). PACT actively partners with the National Inter Agency Council Against Trafficking for anti-trafficking activities and is also a member of the Asia Against Child Trafficking (Asia ACTs), the Regional Campaign to stop child trafficking in Southeast Asia.